PrimesHub Review: Is It a Scam or Legit Site? ₦1,500 Off on Registration (72 hours deadline), Features, Earning Structure, and How It Works.

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Primeshub review

Greetings from Primeshub

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Nowadays, a lot of people are looking for online income opportunities. The reality that there is a lot of money to be made on the Internet cannot be disputed. Today, there are a lot of methods to make money online.

One of those many ways is to sign up for online earning platforms, which pay you to do basic things like sharing posts and advertisements. We’re going to examine one of those platforms today. The Primeshub platform is the subject of our discussion today.

We’ll examine PrimesHub’s definition, available nations, operational procedures, features, earnings structure, credibility, reasons to join, and commonly asked questions in this evaluation. Thus, if you’re serious about finding a side gig online, make sure you go through this Primeshub review in its entirety.

Additionally, I’m giving my readers a special ₦1,500 off of registration. View the specifics below. Let’s get started with our Primeshub review right away.

PrimesHub Review: Is It a Scam or Legit Site?

Greetings from primeshub.

What is the purpose of PrimesHub?

Primeshub is a social media marketing and network marketing organization that was founded to provide chances for people to learn and make money. With Primeshub, you may use social media in your daily life as a tool for learning and earning. The launch date of Primeshub is October 1, 2023.

Below, let’s examine some more information regarding Primeshub:

Is Primeshub a company that is registered?

Yes, the CAC and other relevant authorities in the Federal Republic of Nigeria have officially registered and certified Primeshub. View their registration certificate by clicking the link below:

Who Is Primeshub’s Owner?

Are you surprised? 😆 Yes, we are familiar with Primeshub’s CEO. His name is Jeremiah Nduka, but he goes by Jerry. He is the CEO of Smart Network as well as the owner of Jerry Media. Since its launch last year, Smart Network has established itself as one of the most reliable platforms for online earnings in Nigeria and other countries.

Since its inception in 2022, Smart Network has compensated its members more than 200 million Naira. This outstanding accomplishment demonstrates his capacity to uphold and oversee a prosperous platform. The CEO knows his conscience is clear, therefore he doesn’t hide who he is. You may sign up for Primeshub with confidence.

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Countries that Primeshub accepts.

Primeshub’s user base extends beyond Nigerians; individuals in Benin, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, and Cameroon can also access the platform.

Profits via Primeshub

The majority of you will be most interested in this section. I’ll go through the tasks you may complete on Primeshub to earn money as well as the payout amounts for each task in this part. Additionally, we’ll figure out how much you can earn in a month.

Structure of Earnings at Primeshub

You can make money on Primeshub as a non-affiliate as well as an affiliate. Below is a summary of the jobs you can complete as an Affiliate or Non-Affiliate on Primeshub to earn money.

Primeshub’s Compensation Plan

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The registration fee for Primeshub Global Earning Structure is $10/NGN 5,000.

Affiliate Payment: $8 every 4,000 NGN

Sub Affiliate Bonus: $0.4 for 200 NGN

Reward for Second Sub Affiliate: $0.2/NGN 100

Bonus for Welcome: NGN 2,500

Visit each day: NGN 250

Share of Ad: NGN 250

Social claim: starting at $0.1

These are the ways that you can make money on Primeshub as a task earner and affiliate.

Even without referring anyone, you can still make money on Primeshub, however, doing so will increase your earnings. I would suggest purchasing this book if you’re interested in finding out how to consistently receive referrals.

It offers all the methods and advice required to consistently receive referrals without experiencing stress.

Let’s now calculate your potential earnings on Primeshub.

What is the maximum earnings on Primeshub?

You receive NGN 500 per day, which is the sum of NGN 250 from daily site visitors and NGN 250 from daily ad shares. That’s NGN 8,500 for a week; if you do your tasks every day, you should receive NGN 34,000 for a month.

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Additional Primeshub Earning Opportunities

There are additional methods on Primeshub for earning money in addition to the techniques they’ve listed above with their Fixed Rewards.

You can participate in raffle draws to gain money.
Putting wagers on football games might bring in money.
Participating in the Contests and Challenges that Primeshub will periodically host will allow you to win money.
With Primeshub, the earning potential is virtually endless.

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How to Use Primeshub to Get Started
I would suggest joining Primeshub if you’re searching for a reliable way to make money online passively by completing easy activities. Now let’s talk about how to use Primeshub, from signing up to earning money on the site.

Does Sapa Never Get Weary?

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How to Sign Up with Primeshub

The steps to join Primeshub and begin earning are as follows:

  • To obtain your coupon code for merely ₦3,500 Naira instead of 5,000 Naira, send me a WhatsApp message.
  • You’ll receive a link to complete your information. Your name, phone number, email address, username, coupon code, and password are required for registration.
  • You may instantly access your dashboard after registering and get your welcome bonus.
  • I will be offering a ₦1,500 discount to anyone who obtain their promo code from me. You will therefore receive your code for merely ₦3,500 as opposed to paying ₦5,000. I’ll also provide you advice on how to use the platform to earn money by completing assignments. If you’d like, I can also show you how to obtain recommendations easily.

Reasons for selecting Primeshub

What distinguishes Primeshub from the many other online earning platforms that let users earn money by completing easy activities online, and why should you join Primeshub?

Revenue in US Dollars 🤑

  • Sign-up Process Easy
  • Simple Ways to Make Money as a Non-Affiliate or Affiliate
  • Hot features that let you profit even if you’re not an affiliate
  • Simple and Automated System for Withdrawals
  • prompt and dependable payments; Not any waits or tales
  • A Proactive Client Support
  • Given the daily increase in the value of the dollar, you shouldn’t play around with any updates that let you earn dollars. Sign up with Primeshub now and begin earning cash every day. Give Up Playing!

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Highlights of Primeshub

In addition to the regular chores you accomplish, Primeshub’s website offers some intriguing features that can help you earn money passively. Now let’s examine them:

  • Enhances Tok Talent Search
  • Primes Store: Online courses available on Primeshub
  • Win Incredible Prizes with Primeshub Freelance
  • Primeshub Evaluation: Qualities
  • Using their PRIMESCOIN, users can register new users and earn by doing so. Instead of purchasing an activation code, they keep the registration price for themselves via Primeshub P2P. 🤩
  • Prime Recharge: This feature allows non-affiliates only to use their PRIMESCOIN FUND on the Primes Recharge Wallet once a week to recharge their phone. 🔥
  • Raffle Draw: This is a feature that allows you to play games and enter contests with your Primecoin to win fantastic prizes every month.
  • Car Challenge and Trips: If you meet the target, this feature gives you the chance to win a car from Primeshub or a trip outside of Nigeria.🎯💜
  • Digital Courses: You can study a variety of digital skills on Primeshub that will benefit your business. You can even offer these skills as services to clients and get paid for them. Affiliate marketing, website development, graphic design, WhatsApp TV production, social media advertising, video editing, and cryptocurrency trading are among the courses offered.
  • Sports Betting: This feature allows users to guess the correct score of a football match every week ⚽️ and has the potential to earn 🏆 Prizes 💵💰 when their predictions are accurate.
  • E-commerce Store: You can advertise your goods on Primeshub’s Store and reach millions of prospective buyers. Additionally, you are able to buy any item that is available in their online store.
  • Primes Talent Hunt: With a one-million-naira prize pool, Primeshub will host a talent hunt. The winner receives 500k, the first runner-up receives 300k, and the second runner-up receives 200k. Display your skills to have a shot at winning. There will only be 100 competitors selected. fifty men and fifty women Thirty days will pass during the contest.
  • Tiktok challenge for Primes: Primeshares organized a seven-day TikTok competition for the best Primeshub promotional video. There will be 6 winners chosen. The winning money was $50,000. Make sure your video has good quality, a professional presentation, a professional attitude, and good audience interaction if you want to be one of the lucky winners. Use the hashtags #Primeshub and #PrimesTok in your video and follow Primeshub on Tiktok @primeshub10 to participate in the challenge. In your video, mention their Page as well. Each person may only upload one video. The challenge took place between August 1 and August 7, and the winners have been selected and given prizes correspondingly.
  • Primeshub currently offers these features, but they plan to add a lot more in the future. Let’s talk about Primeshub’s earnings structure now.

Withdrawal from Primeshub

Primeshub Review: Withdrawals: Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., with a minimum withdrawal of $17/NGN 7,000 for Affiliates or Primeshub Wallet Value. Withdrawals are free of fees and will be processed in a matter of minutes.

The minimum withdrawal amount for non-affiliates is merely $10/NGN 5,000. Your funds will be transferred automatically to your bank account as soon as you meet the minimum withdrawal requirement. Verify that all of your information is correct.

Primeshub Review: Is This a Reputable Website?
Yes, Primeshub, owned by Mr. Nduka Jeremiah, the CEO of Smart Network, is a legitimate online income platform. Since its founding in 2022, Smart Network has given its members over 200 million Naira. At this point, the CEO is concentrating on Primeshub and is keen to grow it even further. Without a doubt, under his direction, Primeshub will reach incredible heights.

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In summary

Finally, I’ll tell you to quit passing on respectable chances like Primeshub. Sign up with Primeshub to begin earning passive income every day from the comfort of your home by doing easy chores. Give Up playing! It’s Ample! Get registered on Primeshub now to receive my NGN 1,500 discount, and I’ll thank you later. Join Primeshub now. I’ve taken my time to thoroughly examine Primeshub and provide you with all the information you require to make an intelligent choice. It would be greatly appreciated if you could leave your thoughts and comments below. 🤗💕

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Take Note of Primeshub
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