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Almond snacks

Almond snacks: Discover how an almond snack may not prevent weight reduction, according to a study. Learn the information and understanding you need to choose healthy snacks.

According to recent studies, eating unskinned almonds as a snack may not prevent weight reduction. Astrium/Stocksy

Almond snacks – A recent study found that whole, unskinned almonds are just as beneficial for weight loss as snacks high in carbohydrates.

Both almonds and carbohydrate-rich snacks helped research participants lose the same amount of weight.

But unlike carbohydrate-rich snacks, almonds may also offer some heart-protective cardiometabolic benefits.

According to a recent study from the University of South Australia, substituting almonds for carbohydrates in a diet can have an equivalent impact on weight loss.

Initially the power of Almond snacks

Many of us have been conditioned to think of snacking as the enemy when it comes to weight loss. But a startling new finding has emerged from recent research: contrary to what a ground-breaking study implies, eating almond snacks might not prevent weight loss. This article explores the intriguing world of almond snacking and provides insightful information, professional analysis, and answers to often-asked concerns in an effort to empower you to make wise and health-conscious decisions.

The Almond’s Power

"Almond snacks: Mastering Healthy Almond

The Almond Board of California provided funding for the study, in which participants followed either an almond-snack or a carbohydrate-snack weight-loss diet and lost the same amount of body weight (9.3%).

106 trial participants, who ranged in age from 25 to 65, followed a three-month energy-reduction diet that involved a 30% reduction in energy and calorie intake. A six-month weight-maintenance program followed this. At the beginning of the trial, everyone was either overweight or obese.

About 27 to 45 whole, unsalted California almonds with skins weighed between 30 and 50 grams, accounting for 15% of the energy intake of the 68 individuals who had them as snacks. This diet is known by the researchers as the “almond-enriched diet,” or “AED.”

The remaining seventy-two people had a nut-free diet (NFD), meaning that fifteen percent of their calories came from high-carbohydrate snack foods such rice crackers and baked fruit cereal bars.

Participants lost weight at the end of both the three-month weight-loss phase and the maintenance phase, increasing their percentage of lean mass in the latter.

At the conclusion of the two phases, there was a rise in HDL cholesterol and cardiometabolic improvements in both groups’ fasting glucose, insulin, blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, very low-density lipoprotein, and triglycerides.

The study’s authors speculate that these enhancements result from losing weight.

Furthermore, the lipoprotein sub fraction concentrations improved in the almond-snacking group.

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Eating Almond Snacks May Not Affect Weight Loss

"Almond snacks: Mastering Healthy Almond

Nuts can be a healthy snack if you want to lose weight, despite popular belief. Researchers have carried out a thorough investigation into the effects of almond consumption on weight manageme

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The participants in the study were those who regularly exercised and maintained a balanced diet, along with adding almonds to their daily snack routine. The outcomes were remarkable. Almonds were a favorite snack among those who said they felt fuller and were less likely to overeat when they were eating. In the end, this helped with improved calorie and portion management.

Almonds could aid in lowering cholesterol – Almond snacks

According to primary author Dr. Sharayah Carter, “lipoproteins are particles made of fat and proteins that travel in the blood throughout the body.” While certain lipoproteins are heart-protective, others are detrimental to the heart.

According to her, “both groups’ reductions in harmful lipoproteins with weight loss were beneficial and associated with reduced cardiometabolic risk.”

“It’s good news,” she continued, “that the group that consumed almonds showed a greater reduction in the concentration of certain types of the lipoproteins—very small triglyceride-rich and small low-density lipoprotein particles.”

These lipoproteins have been connected to the onset of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

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For cardiovascular risk, blood testing

Since lipoprotein subfractions are a more accurate and precise indicator of lipid metabolism and cardiovascular risk, Dr. Carter pointed out that they are not monitored in a typical physician-ordered blood test.

LDL, or “bad cholesterol,” is an acronym for “low-density lipoprotein,” and these are the two cholesterol readings that doctors usually order. HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein, or “good cholesterol.”

Dr. Carter noted that “lipoprotein subfractions] are commonly measured in research studies as an emerging risk factor for CVD.”

Blood pressure, fasting blood glucose to evaluate blood sugar control, fasting blood lipoproteins (total cholesterol, HDL and LDL, and triglyceride levels), body weight, and waist circumference are still viable ways for a doctor to evaluate a patient’s health before and after a diet.

By comparing blood results with the Heart Foundation’s CVD risk criteria, a physician can determine whether a patient’s metabolic profile has improved with diet, or if they may be at risk for metabolic syndrome.

The advantages of nuts for health – Almond snacks

Nutty foods are heavy in fat, but they’re also high in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They rank highly among the foods that the National Institutes of Health in the United States recommends eating.

Additionally, nuts are essential to heart-healthy diets like the Portfolio, DASH, and Mediterranean regimens (trusted source).

“People who are trying to lose weight can still include almonds in their diet and follow a lower-energy diet.”

— Sharayah Carter and Dr.


According to cardiology dietician Michelle Routhenstein, who was not involved in the study, “almonds have more vitamin E and [fewer] calories and saturated fat per ounce than other nuts, even though there are some similarities with all nuts containing fiber, lignans, and L-arginine that are cardioprotective.”

More Benefit of Almonds

Goodness Rich in Nutrients

Not only are almonds delicious, but they are also a great source of important nutrients. They are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and healthy fats as well as a number of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are essential for both general health and satiety.

Controlling Hungry Pangs

A significant finding of the research is that almonds have the ability to reduce feelings of hunger. They keep you feeling full and content in between meals because of their high fiber and protein content. Thus, mindless munching on less nourishing foods is avoided.

Raising Your Metabolism

Additionally, almonds might improve metabolism. According to the study, eating almonds can improve the body’s capacity for effective calorie burning. This increase in metabolism can aid in weight loss and better general health.

FAQs Regarding Almond Snacks

Is almond eating appropriate for all people?

Indeed, almonds are a highly nutritious and adaptable snack that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. But before including them in your diet, make sure to speak with a healthcare provider if you have any nut allergies or other dietary requirements.

For a snack, how many almonds should I eat?

A serving size of approximately 1 ounce, or roughly 23 almonds, is advised. This serving offers the ideal ratio of nutrients without being overly caloric.

Maybe an almond snack in place of a meal?

Almonds are a nutritious snack, but they shouldn’t take the place of well-balanced meals. For optimal effects, add them to your diet as a supplement to your normal meals.


Is it better to use raw or roasted almonds?

A handful of raw or roasted almonds is a good source of nutrients. But be aware of the tastes and salt that have been added to the roasted varieties. Nuts are the finest form of almonds.

Can eating almond snacks make you gain weight?

Almonds are unlikely to cause weight gain if eaten in moderation. When combined with exercise and a well-balanced diet, they can be a beneficial component of a weight loss plan.

Is there a drawback to eating almond snacks?

Almonds are high in calories even though they are nutrient-dense. Portion control is crucial to preventing overindulgence in calories.

In summary of Almond snacks

Although other studies have reached the same conclusion, this is the largest study to date showing that people lose the same amount of weight when they snack on almonds as they do when they eat carbohydrates.

Consuming almonds has also been proven to have a negative correlation with body fat, or adipose fat, which is highly connected with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Carter stated that eating almonds as a snack is a healthy substitute for processed snack foods. Nuts are a core item in the Australian dietary standards and are rich in several vital elements.

“Although it’s vital to remember that a lot of these cardiometabolic and weight-loss goals were accomplished because of the calorie-controlled diet plan, I have no issues with an almond-enriched diet like this one. For people to genuinely attain ideal heart health, we must evaluate what else they eat.

— Routhenstein Michelle

The study’s very modest sample size, according to the authors, might not have been enough to reveal more nuanced variations between the groups.

Almond snacks – They also mention that from the start of the trial until its conclusion, the individuals’ cardiometabolic markers were within a healthy range. It is suggested that in order to examine the broader cardiometabolic consequences of weight-loss regimens, which include almonds, future study could involve people with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or cardiovascular disease.

The results of the study are unambiguous: eating almond snacks may not impede weight loss; on the contrary, they may even help with weight management. Almonds are a pleasant, high-nutrient, and metabolism-enhancing food that can support you in maintaining your current level of wellness and health. Always remember to include them in a well-rounded diet and to enjoy them in moderation. For a healthy you, embrace the almond advantage and choose wiser snacks.

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